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Non Functional Testing

1- Performance & Load Testing

To achieve success in your business, there is a need for reliable and consistent performance of your business-critical applications. However, in the real world, performance issues pose a challenge and if left unaided, can cause disastrous consequences for your brand.

Application performance testing is, therefore, a necessity, to achieve peak performance and scalability levels of your applications at all times.

TestCrew provides excellent performance and load testing systems which can help predict and evaluate the performance of your applications beginning from detection, analysis through to integrating the appropriate corrective action.

Our unique technological evaluation model is tailored to meet the needs of your company and provides a comprehensive solution to your performance testing needs ensuring that only the best products are released into the market to the greater satisfaction of your customers. Our performance model is designed to be cost-effective assuring you of maximum benefits of the service.

2- Cyber-Security Testing

The world we live in today is cyberspace prone to all kinds of attacks and has become a serious security challenge to all businesses.

Our dedicated team of Certified Ethical Hackers, who possess the knowledge and proven track record of delivery, can assure you of maximum security against all vulnerabilities while ensuring that your facility can boast of having a platform that provides its user’s confidentiality and supreme authority over their sensitive information and transactions.

Test crew provides unique and dynamic solutions through our competent team who possess the in-depth experience needed to assess an extensive range of applications judiciously to ensure that only the best security solutions are integrated within your business for maximum coverage against all threats and vulnerabilities.

3- Usability Testing Services

The key to fulfilling the needs and desires of your clients is by creating a system that is easy to comprehend, navigate and swift in delivery. Don’t have your customers sieving through a diverse set of actions to achieve a single purchase; it will be a surefire way of having them leave and never come back.

Here at TestCrew, our Usability experts are capable of analyzing your application by designing an appropriate Usability test strategy based on the demographics, user type and critical business scenarios in play. We will identify the right set of users, design survey questions and through the help of these users characterize the milestones needed to increase usability.