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1- Project-Based Engagements

Our optimal test approach, matured processes, and in-house accelerators can be easily customized to suit the demands and requirements of your unique project at all levels and stages.

Do you require a comprehensive test strategy for your multi-year program or need a swift testing service for a web application that would be released within a few weeks? Through our customizable project-based engagement model, we will deliver the right solution to help you accomplish premium quality and faster time to market seamlessly.

2- Managed Services

Alongside our unique testing solution, you can enjoy the benefits of using our aligned Managed QA services. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent business solution that improves not just the quality of your products but achieves a better IT-business alignment and all-around productivity. We have created this unique platform to help you concentrate on your core business processes, leaving the entire QA requirements such as delivery, staffing, program management and thought leadership to us.

3- Staffing / Time & Material

We possess a vast amount of competent experts and the appropriate pool of resources from various parts of the world to augment your business with the much-needed QA skills which can boost your enterprise positively. We provide premium quality and standard resources which encompass the various QA services (test automation, security testing, performance testing, functional testing, etc.) and Industry verticals ( healthcare, banking, retail, e-commerce, telecom, government, etc.)


Project-based testing engagement models fashioned to address the milestones of your projects and achieve maximum quality.
Applicability :

Immediate project testing requirements to be fulfilled

Benefits :

Adequate fulfillment of project milestones while attaining premium product quality

Client governance & management :

Low to Medium

Pricing Models :

Fixed Cost or T&M provisional to the scope and requirement of the proposed project.


Combined QA and testing capabilities model based on the services offered by your business to achieve long term development.
Applicability :

Drive the maximum focus on core business processes and the willingness to utilize expert QA service providers.

Benefits :

Outcome-based services with regards to the services required leaving you to concentrate on delivering maximum efficiency in your core business processes.

Client governance & management :


Pricing Models :

Fixed Cost T&M

Staffing/ T&M

A Vast pool of valuable resources and highly skilled experts available to work from different locations across the globe delivering onsite (at client’s location), offsite (at The Test crew’ onsite locations), offshore (at TestCrew’) or hybrid services as required by your enterprise.
Applicability :

High flexible and instant access to the right resources whether generic or niche integrated to boost your testing team or deliver a project.

Benefits :

Instant access customized to your business needs with usage-based billing models.

Client governance & management :

Medium to High

Pricing Models :